Sometimes (feat. Jayce Cantor)

by coralmines

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It was a Friday,
While I sat at home,
When a love that shined just stopped to glow,
How could they be so cold (x2)

Two mornings later,
Getting ready slow,
Got a message just to let me know,
How could they be so cold
And it’s got me saying

(Ooh) I’m waiting for another day,
Won’t you take me to another place (yeah),
I think I’ve seen enough today, too much to take.

Isn’t there another way,
‘Cause if I told you honestly,
Been dancing just to numb the pain, to numb the pain,
Oh Lord, but

Sometimes, when I’m falling under,
I get a little glimpse of you,
My life could’ve been a nightmare
(Falling over you, falling, falling over you)

Sometimes, when I’m feeling under,
And I don’t know what I’m gonna do,
Your love seems to come from nowhere
(Falling over you, falling, falling over you)

I’ve been waiting all day,
I’ve been praying all these nights,
Wanna heart so I can love again,
Lately I just lost my mind.

I’ve been waiting so damn long,
Been tryna keep it strong but,
Lately I don’t care to try,
Maybe this whole song is just a sing-a-long,
‘Cause things to seem to change, oh why?


released August 18, 2016
Lyrics and Vocals by Jayce Cantor
Music by coralmines



all rights reserved



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